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Bachelor of Architecture • Art Direction • MarketingManagement •

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“AVRIL is a creatively talented person with endless energy, and excellent customer service skills. Her dedication to clients and every detail of their projects makes her not only a pleasure to work with but a great success in business. If you are thinking about seeking help from AVRIL, I highly recommend that you give her the opportunity to help you. She'll help you take your business to the next level!”
-Jo Anna Brune, Associate VP of Membership, Delaware County Chamber of Commerce

"Avril possesses strong strategic design and planning skills. She was involved in the products changeover process , responsible for displaying new products and integrating into existing range , and strategized sell-out process for discontinued products. Avril has very good work ethics, she is precise. and her project executions are near perfection. She has been delivering very strong support with visual merchandising and store planning, which helped increase sales index. Overall, she follows the right work methods, initiates good discussions with valid opinions and follows up with project implementation. She is a good communicator."
-Dmitry Nezhny, Work Spaces & Business Relation Manager at IKEA

"During her tenure at C. O’Brien Architects she transformed the marketing and graphics effort, creating and producing website design, print ads, renderings, presentation boards, brochures, the Trade Show Booth and all supporting graphic materials for the firm and its many clients. [Avril] also offers talent in Digital Retouching and Manipulation, Interior Architecture with a keen eye for color, and conceptual elevation design."
- Cheryl A. O'Brien, President of C. O'Brien Architects, Inc.

"I have known and worked with AVRIL LOSACCO for over ten years. You will not find a more talented, dedicated and passionate designer than Avril. She has very strong communication skills, both listening and engaging in meaningful dialogue, that is indicative of how she works with both colleagues and clients. Her body of work is diverse, from Architecture + Interior Design to Web Design and Branding - a Total Communications Professional."
-Lonny Rossman, President at API Partners

“AVRIL brings a lot of energy and a high level of creativity to the table. She did a phenomenal job... to ensure my vision was realized. Highly professional yet personable to work with; delivered final product on time and on budget. Received many positive comments regarding the graphics and design.”
-Erik Cagle, Published Author, "Gross MisConduct"

"I absolutely love your work...How clever you are! You are truely amazing!
 ...You are a true talent! :-) "

-Janice Kirshenbaum, Freelance Client and Colleague, NY

“…It is a rare opportunity to meet someone so creative, so dedicated and so genuine! Her professionalism and talents as a designer and architect are unmatched. It was a true pleasure working with AVRIL...."
-Garrett Shatzel, President at Caden Building Group

"Having our booth right across from yours gave me trade show envy; the strategic 'design-build' effect of your custom booth combined with the captivating color scheme brought in so much steady traffic and curious attention. I could not help but be in awe as passers by were drawn in to further admire your renderings that lined the walls...the obvious benefits in creating new business relationships. Great job!!!"
-Jake Hewson, Booth Exhibitor at the Atlantic Builder's Convention, NJ

“AVRIL has a passion for what she does, and it shows through in her work.  AVRIL produces exceptional work for her clients, both creatively as well as effectively, and achieves this with her extensive experience in multiple digital applications. Her work ethic is superior to most and she takes initiative on projects requiring little or no management. AVRIL thinks out of the box and unites herself with a company to help guide it to obtain big picture goals. She offers ideas and thoughts on her own as both a team player and leader. AVRIL meets deadlines with ease and will do what it takes to complete projects effortlessly. She will be a wonderful addition to any company she graces with her talent and I highly recommend her services.“
-Dana Barry, Dana Barry Web Design

"Rapid Shot of Aston would ike to thank the LOSACCO's [Dan and AVRIL] for our new design and painting job! The mural brings a new, beautiful look to Rink 3- a stunning collection of color, lines, and images that catches the eye from every location in the arena."
-Al Washco, Owner of RapidShot (IceWorks), PA

"AVRIL was a wonderful architect here at BLT Architects, prior to her departure to advance her education in Atlanta. She worked on a variety of projects while at BLTA including conceptual design for a mixed-use center and total responsibility for our AIA Christmas Ornament entry, which was selected to display in the White House during Clinton's administration.  Her portfolio will undoubtedly speak to other projects here and elsewhere. I'll be her strong reference in advance."
-Michael L. Prifti, AIA, Principal at BLT Architects, PA

"AVRIL loves the craft of drawing and she thinks intelligently. She performs at a higher level than could be expected-- even a gifted one. She has a most creative mind-- she accepts criticism and listens well."
-J. Francois Gabriel, Professor at Syracuse University, School of Architecture